Transparency guidelinesFY2021To health care providers Payment information

FY2021 To health care providers Payment information

FY2021 (2021.04.01 to 2022.03.31)

A, Research and development costs, etc.

Includes the costs of various tests, reports, investigations, etc. conducted under public regulations (clinical trials, clinical studies, post-marketing clinical studies, failure and infection case reports, post-marketing investigations, etc.) and investigations conducted independently by companies.

Total annual amount 2,059 thousand yen

B, Academic research grant funds.

Includes scholarship donations and general donations made for the purpose of academic promotion and research grants for medical technology, as well as conference donations and conference co-funding to support the holding of conferences and other meetings.

Total annual amount 5,538 thousand yen

C, Manuscript writing fees, etc.

Includes costs related to outsourced services such as lectures, manuscript writing and consulting for the provision of information on the proper use of the company's medical devices, etc.

Total annual amount 506thousand yen

D, Information provision-related costs

Includes the costs of lectures, mock practical training and briefing sessions for medical professionals on the proper and safe use of the company's medical equipment.

Total annual amount 0 yen

E, Other costs

Expenses for hospitality and other social rituals

Total annual amount 316 thousand yen

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