Medical gas supply system

Invisible gas to be visible.
Delivered over 5,000 hospitals nationwide,
market share of approx. 55%.

Central Uni has been manufacturing medical gas equipment for a half century.
During that time, as a manufacturer of medical equipment, the company has worked on a system to prevent misconnections by coating medical gas supply pipes with green, blue, yellow or black coating along with specified standard colors.
Central Uni will continue to strive for product development under the motto of "invisible gas to be visible ".

Medical gas supply system

Medical gases used in hospitals is an energy gas directly affect life support.
Absolute 'safety' and 'reliability' are required for supply facilities.
As well as design and function, disaster countermeasures have been strengthened and the philosophy of 'more safely, more securely' is thoroughly implemented, from the supply source to piping, monitoring systems and outlets.

Invisible gas to be visible..

Supply system

Supply station

Oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen supply units are installed in the manifold room, and compressed air and vacuum supply units in the machine room.
The packaged supply system provides a solution to maintain supply in emergency situations, such as disasters, in the limited space of hospital facilities.

Oxygen concentrator

We can supply a wide range of oxygen concentrator for flow rate from 1 Nm3/h to 86 Nm3/h with reserve back up systems along with your demand.
It produces oxygen by PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology which separating oxygen to be over 93% purity from air. All the concentrator units are supplied by complete set of pressure gauges, pressure relief vaves,etc. Entire process can be monitoring by touch screen control panel as well as operating the units.We can provide you STANDARD model which equipped minimum control requirement along with ISO standard while prepared PREMIUM model with extended range of sensors.

Alarm and monitoring system

Monitoring System

Medical gas piping system are monitored for operational status and notified of any abnormalities.
It can also inform you when it is time to replace cylinders by measuring the amount used.

You can choose from standard units, which notify you of abnormalities audibly, to high-end units, which allow you to check gas usage in real time.

Zone shut off valve

Shut off valve

This valve shuts off the gas for each area, such as operating theatres, ICUs and patient wards. In the event of medical gas supply failure, such as by a disaster, the shut-off valve can also be used supply gas from here to each area.

Multi-line shut-off valve


  1. Integrated all gases and make it easy to access
  2. Saving space
  3. Reducing installation period

Terminal Unit

Uniline Outlet

To avoid misconnection of medical gases, the structure is designed with gas specific connection shapes depending on the gas type.
Piping terminal units are available in wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended types, which can be selected according to the application.
You can choose along with enviroment design accordingly.

BS Outlet.


  1. Same base block can be applied for all gases
  2. You can adjust outlet angle regardless piping installation
  3. Common boxes for exposure or inwall installation

AFNOR Outlet.


  1. Same base block can be applied for all gases
  2. You can adjust outlet angle regardless piping installation
  3. Common boxes for exposure or inwall installation

Secondary Equipment

Secondary equipment that uses medical gas supplied from outlets designs with the maintenance of reliable function and safety, as well as ease of use.

Vica Hybrid suction unit

Four features make daily medical practice more comfortable.


  1. cost
    2-in-1 with disposable and reusable options
  2. infection
    Hose management items that do not drip
  3. safety
    Regulator with vacuum gauge

Oxytune Oxygen humidifier DC type

Uses a constant-pressure system that shows accurate flow rates.


  1. Visibility.
    Red float and easy-to-read scale.
  2. cleanliness
    Large bottle mouth for easy cleaning.
  3. safety
    Bottle connection with DISS standard screw