Modular Operating Theatre

Safety and functionality are met.
Creating operating theatres that contribute to operational efficiency.

The operating theatre, the heart of the hospital, requires high efficiency and productivity in terms of operational management, as well as consideration for the environment in which the best possible treatment can be given. Central Uni offers a wide range of proposals for solving problems, including the flow of 'people' and 'goods', arranging information environment, as well as cooperation with related departments and emergency response.

Assembly type
operating theatre
wall system

Functional Environment System


Realizing high design and shortening construction period to meet the needs of the treatment environment.

FES has created a clean and clear operating theatre environment with no uneven surfaces to reduce the burden on staff when cleaning and to contribute to infection control. The flat wall surface can be selected from a wide range of variations and is designed for high design quality.Hook-type panels are applied, enabling installation to be carried out in a shorter period than previously possible. Functionalised wall elements can be installed at the required position and in the required quantity.

Pursuit of design features

While maximising floor space, the wall equipment has been installed in a flat wall surface with minimal unevenness. To avoid creating anxiety and stress to patients, the stainless steel colour is reduced and glass and/or sheets are applied to enhance the design.

Shortening of construction period

Fireless construction method. Shorter and safer construction period than conventional methods have been achieved through the use of one-touch, hook-type panels that can be assembled. Wall units of the same width and height can be used to replace equipments, and to assemble and remove walls.
*The construction method is based on seismic calculations.

Variable Modular Operating Theatre



An operating theatre that can constantly be changed with the times, in response to increasingly sophisticated medical care and information.

FLexDOCK is an operating theatre designed for flexibility in order to adapt flexibly to an environment requirement changes. Functionalised wall equipment such as storage cabinets, energy units and information terminals can be installed at the required positions and in the required numbers.
The operating theatre can be used more spaciously than before, and the wall equipment can be added or repositioned to suit the customer's requirements at any point during the design, construction phase or even after the opening of the hospital.

We are improving our products in response to customer feedback!

After sales, product improvements and enhancements are made quickly, reflecting feedback from customers. Here are some examples of improvements made in response to customer feedback.

Additional power outlets can be added to the side of joint walls.
Additional socket units, power supplies and LAN ports can also be added to the sides of joint walls.
Designed depth for medical gas units
The depth has been changed so that the hose connected to the medical gas is not exposed through out from the alcove.
Short-type joint wall
The choice of joint wall lengths allows for more efficient use of space and a larger lower alcove.
Multi rack
It can neatly store or organize small items in the operating theatre, such as operating table accessories, which are placed on the floor.

Radiation Operating Theatre Air Conditioning System



Operating theatre air conditioning for the comfort of staff and patients

The radiantion air conditioning system, COMFORT CONDUCTOR, controls humidity and cleanliness with air blown from a filter unit installed above the surgical field. In addition, the walls and ceiling are cooled and heated to handle the heat generated in the operating theatre, reducing discomfort caused by cold air and creating an optimal thermal environment.

Four benefits of radiantion air conditioning

●Effect on patient body temperature management.

Reducing patient body temperature due to direct cold air blow.

●Effect on draft

Reducing stress caused by exposure to air blown at different temperatures from air conditioning.

●Effect on room temperature control.

Stable room temperatures can be maintained in response to sudden changes in temperature settings.

●Effect on temperature irregularities

No stagnation of air in the surgical field, ensuring a clean area.