Start up from supporting the steel business field

Eight young people in Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture, started a steel-related businesses including gas cutting machine.

Stepping into the medical business field

In 1966, we initiated the medical business with the development of a medical gas central piping system, applying the gas control technology developed by our experience in the steel-related business.

Expanding our services to SPD and
maintenance fields

We have commenced the after-sales service business for undertaking post-delivery maintenance and the SPD system business for solving the problem of stock management of medical supply in hospitals. Also, we have started introducing ceiling pendants in partnership with an overseas company.

From designing products ("Monozukuri") to
create the things ("Kotozukuri")Innovation of the operating theatre business

We focused on supporting the people works there, and started to have an idea of designing the "Koto (way things are)" instead of designing only the products.To start with, we developed the flexible operating theatre called "FLex DOCK" and the human friendly air conditioning system named "Comfort Conductor". In the architectural plan, we used digital technology to visualize issues and strengthen our closeness with users.

User to be designer

We are starting various challenges for the next future in a rapidly changing environment.