Transparency guidelines

In the healthcare industry, Guidelines on transparency with healthcare organisations.

Central Uni (hereafter referred to as 'the Company'), in line with its management philosophy of contributing to the advancement of healthcare through the development of medical devices in line with its social mission, has formulated the Transparency Guidelines for Medical Devices and Others in the Medical Device Industry to fulfil its mission and role as a member company of the Japan Federation of Medical Device Industries, and as a company playing a part in healthcare, the Company will ensure transparency in its relations with medical institutions and healthcare professionals.

In formulating the guidelines

As a member company of the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Industries (hereafter referred to as the Federation), we follow the spirit of the Code of Ethics, the Charter of Corporate Conduct and the Medical Devices Industry Promotion Code set out by the Federation, as well as the Medical Devices Industry Fair Competition Code set out by the Medical Devices Industry Fair Trade Council, and our management philosophy, internal rules The company has maintained a high level of ethics in its business activities, in accordance with the Now, with the aim of promoting corporate activities that ensure a higher level of ethics, the Company has decided to disclose information on its corporate activities in relation to medical institutions, medical professionals, etc., in accordance with the Medical Equipment Federation's Guidelines for Transparency with Medical Devices in the Medical Equipment Industry.

Method of publication

Relevant information for the previous year will be made available via the company's website.

Date of publication

It will be made public at an appropriate and possible time.

Public information

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Japan Federation of Medical Device Industries
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