A place to discuss " creating a good hospital".

Central Uni's showroom, Mashup Studio, is a place where customers and staff can discuss and build a plan together, using ICT to gather information, 3D simulations and realistic, actual equipment to experience the operational image.


Using 3D and AR.
Realisation of imaginative simulations.


Using ICT to produce the 'awareness'
needed for hospital development.


Experience medical environments such as operating theatres and ICUs with actual equipment.

mashup studio Introduction

Gathering, storing and extracting information
A collection of hospital development tips

Using an ICT browsing system that aggregates information to provide hints for hospital development, we want to create a place where new 'awareness' and new 'values' can be created.

Intuitive, utilising a 3D simulator.
Easy-to-understand real-time simulation

3D simulator allows users to experience a real-time cyber-simulation of an operating theatre in full size, including the dimensions and colours of the operating theatre, and the type and position of equipment and devices.

Seeing, touching and experiencing first-hand
Deepen your operational image in a space with real equipment

Simulations can be carried out to experience and verify actual spaces, equipment and facilities, such as operating theatres, operating theatre air-conditioning systems, ICUs and medical gas supply systems.

Generate and nurture new ideas
A place to imagine new 'awareness' and new 'values'.

The information workshop AGITO, where discussions take place daily and where intelligence, knowledge and technology are gathered, is the brain of the mashup studio.

mashup studio
Introduction movie


SKY Building, 2-21-25 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
+81 3 3556 8122
JR Chuo Line: 10-minute walk from Ochanomizu Station
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line: 6-minute walk from Yushima Station.
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Toei Oedo Line: 10-minute walk from Hongo-sanchome Station.

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The system is designed to provide a realistic image of the operation using ICT-based information gathering,
3D simulations and realistic actual equipment.
This is where customers and staff discuss and build plans together.

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Anytime, Anywhere, mashup studio support for all customers Mobile mashup studio

Various simulation tools that until now could only be experienced and utilised by visiting a mashup studio.
With Mobile mashup studio, communication using various tools is possible even in remote locations, for example, in the customer's meeting room.
It supports the creation of more hospitals for more customers over a distance.