Company history

1951 Sept.

Established in Kitakyushu City as Tanaka Seisakusho Co.Ltd. Kokura Factory

1961 Sept.

10th anniversary.


Started scarf maintenance for Yawata Iron Manufacturing Co.Ltd.

1965 Mar.

Started scarf maintenance at Kokura, Sumitomo Metal Industries Co.,Ltd.

1966 Feb.

Developed medical gas central piping system.

1968 Apr.

Started overseas import and export operations.

Company name changed to Tanaka Equipment Sales Co.Ltd.


Opened Tokyo sub-branch office (upgraded to a branch office in 1975).

Opened Osaka sub-branch office (upgraded to a branch office in 1975).

1970 Nov.

Formed Tanaka Union, establishment of sales channels for the fusing machine sector.

1971 Mar.

Opened Fukuoka Branch Office (upgraded to a branch office in 1974)


20th anniversary.

1972 May.

Adopted a nationwide franchise system in the medical sector.

1973 Mar.

Opened Hiroshima sub-branch office (upgraded to branch office in 1986 and 2004)


Established Korea Central Co., Ltd. in Masan, Korea.

1974 Nov.

Developed ICU Wall care system.

1976 Mar.

Changed company name to Central Uni Co.,Ltd.


Developed wall care system for patient general wards.

1977 Mar.

Established own brand 'C&U'.


Formed business alliance with Hospital Systems, USA.

Developed Modular operating theatre system.

1978 May.

Introduced business agent system in the medical sector with 26 companies nationwide.

1979 Apr.

Opened Sendai sub-branch office (upgraded to branch office in 1986 and 1992).


Established Uniservice Co.,Ltd. (merged in 1993)


Signed sole agency agreement with Herman Miller Health Sciences Division, USA, for Japan.

1981 Mar.

Established Hospital Food Service Division.


30th anniversary.

1982 Apr.

Established Uni-Maintenance Co.,Ltd.


Developed "Hospia-80" computer dedicated to food service.

1983 May.

Opened Hokkaido branch office.

1984 Aug.

Uni-maintenance Co.,Ltd. changed name to FS Uni Co.,Ltd.


Developed "Hospia-88" computer system which dedicated to logistics management systems.

1986 Apr.

Established FS Nagoya Co.,Ltd. as a joint venture with Eba Co.,Ltd.

1987 Apr.

Established FS Uni Kanto Co.,Ltd.

Established FS Uni Management Co.,Ltd.

Established Korea Uni Co.,Ltd.

1989 Dec.

Established C.R.I. Inc.

1990 Dec.

Established FS Uni Kansai Co.,Ltd.

1991 Sep.

40th anniversary.


Developed Uni-Auto Pharmacy 2000.

1992 Feb.

Established FS Uni Tohoku Co.,Ltd.

1994 Sep.

Opened New Kokura Factory.

1995 May.

Renovated head office and Kyushu branch office.


Open to public at the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JASDAQ).

1996 Apr.

Opened Nagoya branch office (upgraded to branch office in 2003) .

1999 Oct.

Developed welfare equipment 'Nappy changing cart'.

2000 Mar.

Kokura Factory received ISO 9001 certification.

2001 May.

Established Taiwan Uni Co.,Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan.


50th anniversary.


Technical Centre received ISO 9001 certification.

2003 Apr.

Established FS Uni West Japan Co.,Ltd. through the merger of FS Uni Co.,Ltd. and FS Uni Kansai Co.,Ltd.

Established FS Uni East Japan Co.,Ltd. through the merger of FS Uni Kanto Co.,Ltd. and FS Uni Tohoku Co.,Ltd.


Relocated Tokyo branch office to Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

2006 Apr.

Established FS Uni Co.,Ltd. through the merger of FS Uni West Japan Co.,Ltd. and FS Uni East Japan Co.,Ltd.


Relocated Head office from Kiyomizu, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu to Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.


Joined Green Hospital Supply Co.Ltd. group by TOB

2007 Mar.

Launched LED-type shadowless lamp "iLED".

2008 Jul.

Developed operating theatre radiation air conditioning system "COMFORT CONDUCTOR".

2009 Aug.

Image-recognition type automatic dispensing system for Auto ampoule dispenser VIRD developed.


Developed new modular operating theater "FLexDOCK".

Opened Skill Simulation Centre in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.


Group company Green Hospital Supply Co., Ltd. shifted to a holding company as Ship Healthcare Holdings Co.,Ltd.

2010 Jan.

Renovated Tokyo head office.

2011 Jan.

Relocated Osaka branch office to Suita City, Osaka.


Renewal of Kyushu branch office


Kokura Factory received ISO 13485 certification.


60th anniversary


Opened mashup studio in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

2012 Sep.

Korea Uni Co. changed its name to Central Uni Korea Co.,Ltd.

Central Uni Korea Co.,Ltd. opened new factory

2014 Apr.

Launched "mobile mashupstudio" service, which provides remote support for hospital planning.


New medical gas supply system "uniline" won Good Design Gold Award

2015 Nov.

Modular operating theatre "FLexDOCK" won the 'Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General's Award' at the Kyushu Regional Invention Awards.

2016 Dec.

2016 Industry-academia-government collaboration 'Hospital Wood Project' Wood Design Award 2016 Director-General of the Forestry Agency Prize (Award of Excellence) in the Heartful Design category.

2017 Jul.

Developed assembly type wall system "FES", an operating theatre interior system with high design quality, eliminating on-site fabrication and reducing construction time.


Developed "uni-connect", a safe, one-touch connection of medical gas pipework (copper tubing) without the use of fire, replacing conventional brazed joints.

2018 Apr.

Launched "Uni-Flag"
"Uni-Flag" is an inner branding campaign that aims to "think positively about Central Uni" in order for Central Uni to achieve results by making the best use of each employee's abilities.


Developed"Bypass ducting system". In addition to simple design and construction, the system achieves air blown out at an even temperature.

2020 Aug.

Launched HCD-HUB.
HCD-HUB is a platform that connects the ideas, resources and thoughts of all those involved in healthcare and design.

2021 Mar.

Jointly developed "Simple Isolation Unit", an infection control product.


70th anniversary.


Radiation operating theatre air conditioning system won 'China's Ten Major Technological Innovations in Hospital Construction' award in China.

2022 Apr.

Establish brand concept as " User to be designer" and renew website.

2023 Apr.

Development of "FES-wall", a multifunctional panel system for hospital wards, based on the concept of the FES assembly type Modular Operating Theater system.


Joint development of "Flow Stabilight", which contributes to be optimising the operating theater environment through both air conditioning and lighting system.